How to Sell on the Walmart Marketplace in 2021

How to Sell on the Walmart Marketplace in 2021

While the pandemic was at its peak in 2020, it was predicted that buyer’s expectations are going to change drastically in 2021. It was believed that old selling strategies from 2020 might not work. Buyers' changing preferences, as well as the marketplace's emphasis on consumer loyalty, have resulted in updates that will transform the way you sell in 2021. 

This blog will take you on a deep dive into the evolving world of e-commerce and every thrilling thing that 2021 has in store for you. Examine how the Walmart Marketplace has evolved over the past year and how it will fare in 2021.

Quick 2020 Recap

When millions of homebound customers switched to the e-commerce site to shop household, grooming, personal care, and leisure goods, thousands of small companies entered online marketplaces and permanently transformed the way we do business.

However, increased sales of areas, such as parks, cats, groceries, puzzles, and DIY kits, are not the only thing that improved. The transition was more imminent and had a larger effect on how people performed business. In 2020, market preferences got adjusted. 'Grocery' was one of the most common selling formats, shoppers valued convenience over costs, and new market opportunities arose on social media.

What Does 2021 hold?

Last year's reforms restructured the global e-commerce scene. The repercussions of this have been felt deeply at major marketplaces, such as Walmart. The shift in consumer behavior has influenced and introduced new strategies in the marketplace.

A greater emphasis has been placed on customer loyalty, with post-purchase service being a major consideration. Listing accuracy has also come under pressure as a result of the pandemic, as more individuals began doing online product analysis.

Things to Keep in Mind

If you want to learn how to sell on Walmart in 2021, here is a list of updates and new introductions that you need to keep in mind. 

Quality Dashboard

This latest dashboard has the potential to become one of the most significant Walmart features in 2021. The Listing Quality Dashboard is primarily concerned with commodity SEO and rating. Walmart launched this update with the aim of assisting marketplace sellers in increasing the exposure of their brands.

Campaign Management

Campaign Management, one of the most critical features added last year, has streamlined sales promotions. Walmart's goal for this feature is to assist sellers in marketing their goods during seasonal and segment promotions operated by Walmart.

The aim is to allow sellers to send, upgrade, and handle their products individually or in bulk for Walmart-managed promotions already in the limelight.

Pro-Seller’s Badge

The Pro-Seller Badge, which was launched last year, is a synonym for pricing on the Walmart Marketplace. This is similar to a checked blue tick on social media, making the seller seem more credible. Top-performing sellers are awarded pro-seller badges by Walmart.

Post Purchase Quality

In 2021, sellers should be mindful of a new measure called Post-Purchase Quality. This is meant to assist sellers in improving the quality of their goods and services.


PPQ is an indicator of a product's overall consistency as well as the customer's post-purchase satisfaction. Another factor that will affect buyer trust and aid in increasing sales rates is post-purchase quality.

What Does the Future Hold?

There are other small and big changes introduced to the way we conduct our business and cater to consumer’s needs. However, Walmart's latest upgrades and features continue to improve the marketplace and prepare the way for a promising future. 

For Walmart sellers who want to make it big, this is a very beneficial thing. You can learn from the year gone by and use these new updates to your favor to become a pro at selling on Walmart.

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