Selling on Amazon

Seller Academy How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners In 2021

Why Sell On Amazon FBA

Amazon is one of the biggest ecommerce websites for shoppers and sellers. Amazon FBA is referred to as "Fulfilled by Amazon" and is there fulfillment service that many use when selling products on Amazon. Utilizing FBA as a seller means that Amazon stores your items, ships your items to their customers, and they even provide customers service 24/7 for that item being shipped by FBA.

Fulfilled by Amazon is Amazon Prime shipping where they offer unlimited 2 day free shipping to their customers. Amazon has recently also started offering one-day shipping and in some areas same-day shipping. 

Setting Up An Amazon Seller Account

If you don't have an Amazon seller account already, you can sign up for one and they have two type of seller accounts, personal and professional. A personal seller account doesn't have any monthly fees, but charges a referral fee of $1 per item sold, whereas a professional seller account is $39.99 a month and removes the $1 referral fee.

For those looking to sell random name brand products, it is normally easiest to start with a personal seller account unit you sell 40 items a month and then will want to convert over to a professional seller account to save money. 

For those looking to start there own name brand products also known as "private label," you will need a professional seller account for Amazon to allow you to submit products to the catalogue. 

When shipping into FBA you will need to make sure that your items are stickered with your unique FBA barcode, known as an FNSKU or ASIN barcode. This is a unique barcode that Amazon assigns to your item to know it was shipped in by you, where to store it and keep track of inventory in their warehouses.

The reason why is Amazon has you ship your products to one of their main facilities, who then breaks down the inventory into smaller amounts and ships to multiple warehouses across the USA based off of demand, so that they can provide prime shipping to customers. By having this barcode on the items it helps them keep track of your inventory within each warehouse.

Creating Your First Listing On Amazon

First off, to begin using Amazons FBA service, you will need to create your product listing on the Amazon catalogue. Optimizing your listing to show up in more searches is very important and something to pay attention to. Once your listing has been created, it is time to create an inbound shipment telling Amazon that you will be shipping in inventory to their warehouses to participate in Fulfillment by Amazon. 

A software that we recommend using to help craft your listings is Helium10. This software helps you to search for keywords, write listings and optimize your listings. You can also download the google web extension for Helium10 to check the quality of your listing after it has been listed on Amazon. This score will help you to show up in more searches and understand the importance of creating a quality listing. 

Ready To Get Started Selling On Amazon

At Seller Academy we have put together our Seller Academy Amazon FBA course that will walk you through the basics to advanced tactics with selling on Amazon. We also have our Seller Academy FREE arbitrage course that teaches you have to sell name brand products online.