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Seller Academy How to Sell On Walmart Marketplace for Beginners in 2021

How to Sell on Walmart Marketplace

Selling on Walmart Marketplace is much less competitive than selling on Amazon and is why floods of people are trying to get Walmart Seller Accounts. Let's review how to get a Walmart seller account, the requirements as well as How to sell on Walmart Marketplace.

Setting Up Your Walmart Seller Account

 To get a Walmart seller account you will need to go through the application process and be accepted as a seller. When you go to the application page you will click the request to sell button.

How to get a walmart marketplace seller account

What You Need For The Walmart Marketplace Application

Here is what Walmart requires to apply for a Walmart seller account: 

  • US Business Tax ID (SSN not accepted)
  • W9 or W8 and EIN Verification Letter from the Department of Treasury that verifies your US business address or place of physical operations 
  • Address or place of physical operations 
  • US Business address
  • Planned integration method for your product catalog (bulk upload, API, solution provider
  • Primary product categories, catalog size and related information (e.g. total SKUs you will be selling on initially and verified UPC information, and used vs. refurbished etc.)

So in summary have your Tax ID, W9 or W8, business address, be ready to upload your items to the marketplace and have upc's for your items. If you don't have upc's for your items, you can look into sites like to get upc barcodes for your items.

Remember Walmart is looking for relationships with reputable retailers and brands that can provide first-class customers service, large assortment of products, competitive pricing and fulfillment. But this doesn't mean that the small seller can't get an account, you can. 

Things You Should Also Have Available During The Application Process

When going through your application, Walmart will like to see if you are selling products on other marketplaces like Amazon. So it is recommended that you provide your Amazon store link to them for them to review your store and see your feedback score.

Another way to increase your odds of being accept for a Walmart Marketplace seller account is to have a website for your products or brands that you can provide for them for review or your application.

Denied or Having Problems With Approval

Many sellers will be denied in the beginning, that doesn't mean you should give up. You may just need to find new ways to satisfy Walmart's requirements for a seller account and need to show you are a serious seller.

One option is you can look into using the service Deliverr for fulfillment and they can reach out to Walmart to ask additional details about your Walmart Marketplace application denial. You can also review the Deliverr pricing to see what it would cost to use there services for fulfillment of your items. By using there services, they are partnered with Walmart and allow you to offer the 2-day shipping badge.

Using deliverr for Walmart Marketplace Fulfillment

What Happens After Approval of My Walmart Seller Account

Once you have been approved to sell on Walmart Marketplace, you will have a few additional steps to complete your profile. Walmart will have 7 different tabs with multiple requirements needing filled out. We will review each and what they will be asking for. 

walmart marketplace seller account partner profile

Company Info: 

  • Display name, this will be the name of your company or also known as your seller name that will show on, it is displayed to customers.
  • Logo, here you can provide Walmart a logo for your company. They allow .png or .jpg images and it has to be 400 x 50 pixels in size.
  • Company description, customers can view what you list here, so talk a bit about your company and how you provide top quality products, it's time to brag. 

Customer Service:

  • Customer service policy, this will be shown to customers and is where you can talk about your customer service policies and other things related to customer service. 

Manage Contacts:

Keep in mind, if you are a smaller seller, all these contacts may just be your contact information, just make sure they can contact you. If they try to reach out and they are not able to contact you about an account suspension, then your account could get suspended. Give valid contact information.

  • Integration/Technical Contacts, here you can list who would be in charge of your integration process and other technical issues with your account. 
  • Business management contacts, the person in charge of business communications.
  • Customer service contacts, this is self explanatory, it is for Walmart's customer support team to reach out with order related issues.
  • Item content contacts, this is where they will contact you about listing changes that need to be made, or updates to the listing process.
  • Shipping/fulfillment contacts, this is the person to contact for shipping your items. If you are using a fulfillment center or 3rd party fulfillment center, you will still want to list your contact information, you don't want Walmart contacting another company about your shipping performance, that company cannot help and needs to be relayed to you. 
  • Partner performance contacts, this one is very important, make sure it is set to an email address that you check often and a number for them to reach you directly. This is in the event of pending account suspension, issues with metrics and other account issues that need to be addressed immediately. 


Here you will find your shipping templates, make sure to set your shipping templates. You can offer value shipping, standard shipping and with a fulfillment service you can offer 2-day shipping. Here is where you will tell Walmart Marketplace what type of shipping you offer, to what states, as well as costs of shipping.


You will need to let Walmart know how you would like your returns. You will need to select the label options on how customers will receive a shipping label. You are also able to add you own shipping carrier if you would like for processing return shipping labels. 

  • Return centers, you will need to list where you would like your product returns sent to. 
  • Return rules, you are able to let customers know how long they have to return the item, such as 30-days. 
  • Keep it rules, if a customer wants to return the item and it's say a dietary supplement, you can set so that they keep the item and don't have to return it. The reason for this is, if its a dietary supplement and they tried it and are returning it, then its used and opened and not resalable. 
  • Partial keep it rules, this gives the customer the option to return it or receive a discount on the item instead of returning it. This can be very useful to save product sales. 
  • Replacements by department, here you can list which departments that you will accept a replacement of item. 
  • Return policy display settings, you can add additional information here about your product returns. 

Privacy Policy:

You will need to give Walmart a privacy policy for your business. You can find templates for these online and input your company information, or you can reach out to an attorney or someone who can write a custom one for your company. 


Here you will review Tax Nexus and set up your tax settings for Walmart. You will also have to list a sales tax policy for your store.

Now It's Time To List Your First Item

Now that you have filled out the Walmart Partner portal information you can list your first item. You will first go to Manage items in your Walmart Marketplace seller dashboard, and then you will click the blue new item button shown below.

adding a product to your walmart marketplace seller account

To list your item you will need either your GTIN, ISBN or UPC for your product ready to list. Under item identifier you will list the number and select which of the three you are listing. Make sure to press enter after this so that it selects, if you enter a title first then add your UPC code it will refresh and the title will be removed. 

walmart marketplace how to create a listing

After you have added your item identifier you get to select the category to sell your product within as well as list your title. With your title, make sure to list keywords that re relevant to your products, include your brand name and other features that describe your product. Make sure to use up this space to describe your product, your title helps your product show up in search. 

You will want to list a sku number for your item, if you are the brand owner, then you can just create this. Make sure to fill in the description with information about the product, describe the product, give the features and benefits, why should someone buy your product. Make sure to utilize this and fill up your description to show up in more searches on Walmart.

Once you have filled in all the appropriate information about your product you will list the price you are wanting to sell it for and add your images. Make sure to have a competitive price and add 7-8 photos of your product. This will also help with search and increase your listing quality score which will be talked about in another article. 

 My Item Is Listed, Now What...

Now that your item is listed, it will be defaulted to "0" inventory, so you will need to update your inventory for your item so that people can purchase it and your listing to show live on the Walmart Marketplace.

how to update inventory on walmart marketplace

To do this, you will need to select the box next to the item picture, then on the top there will be a drop down box that says "Actions," click that and select "update inventory." The box below will pop up. 

updating inventory on walmart marketplace

You will plug in the quantity you are wanting to add and then select the fulfillment center from the box shown and click update inventory. It will then update the inventory of the item and can take a few minutes. If you don't know if it worked, then you can go to your feed status tab and see the feed update pending or approved.

You can also update the price of your item and delete or retire items with the same process, select the item, then select an option from the action box. 


Walmart Marketplace Product Optimization Guide 2021 

If you would like a FREE Walmart product optimization guide that goes more in depth on how to create a Walmart listing, then you can get it here.